The [EP]

by Hope[rising] Project

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Thanks for checking us out! Hope[rising] Project is an indie folk band from Minnesota with a dream to inspire hope in tired souls. To find the resolution to our dissonance. To see that hope is rising. We hope you enjoy our album and that you tell your friends about us! Your support means a lot to us.


released March 1, 2013

All songs written by Jordan Gillstrom. All songs performed by Hope[rising] Project: Jordan Gillstrom, Emma Button, Ben Carlson, Pedro Schmid, and Linnea Thraen. Guest crowd vocals on "Rising" performed by Joshua Garcia, Devin Wessels, and David Zimmerman of The Dreamwalkers; Joey Bures of Breathing Colors; Rebekah Wilson; and Megan Duggan. Studio Engineer: Jack Vondrachek of Roosevelt Recordings. Mix/Mastering Engineer: Patrick Kiloran of PSK Sound. Album cover art designed by Paul M. Gilmer. All things made possible by the grace of God. Romans 15:13. Soli Deo gloria.



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Hope[rising] Project Saint Paul, Minnesota

Hope[rising] Project is an indie folk band from Minnesota. We believe there is brokenness all around us but there's a greater reality than what eyes can see. It's our aim to inspire hope in tired souls. To find the resolution to our dissonance. To see that hope is rising.

Soli Deo gloria.
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Track Name: Georgia
I can see the sun dip low in the sky
All the colors dancing across her eyes
As she leans into me and sighs
For a moment the world is right (alive)

Night falls and a loon call echoes out
I swear that we can hear every sound
Under star-strewn skies we lie, fingers entwined
In the dark I still catch a glimpse of (her smile)

A cool breeze rolls into shore like an icy shroud
As a tiny, little cloud comes to rest above her mouth
So I build a fire in the sand and we talk for hours on end
It's like I have known her my whole life (collide)

In your eyes
In your smile
You make me feel so alive
Track Name: I'll Take My Chances
There sits a boy
Away from all the crowds and the noise
Quietly losing his poise

And he sighs
Shivering in the January sky
Wistfully recalling a time
A smile, a breath, and your eyes
Fixed on mine, oh

There will always be
A place in my heart for you and me
No matter what it is you think
I'll always take my chances on you

A while goes by
Her smile hasn't faded from his mind
He remembers, but life goes on

And he considers:
If he's weak, then God is so much bigger
This is not the end
Not a desolate shore but a bend
Not a broken heart but one spent
And refined in the fire
Love, take me higher
Track Name: Hello, Snowflake
Hello, snowflake
You are on my mind
All of the time
When will I finally see you?

Hello, snowflake
Won't you take away my blues
It's been so cold
But not beautiful

Hello, snowflake
I saw you from my window
And I ran outside
To see if I could catch you

Hello, snowflake
Can you see how much it takes
To stand still and wait?
But now you're here
And my frozen tears melt away...
Track Name: Forest for the Trees
All these lines in my hands
Are from trying to understand
What it means to live this life

And tired eyes are from those nights
We would lie underneath the stars
Wondering who we really are

I don't believe truth is easy
It just makes more sense
Sometimes you just stumble through
Until it changes tense

But that is what makes it us
Makes it something glorious
Beneath the rust and decay
We discover why we were made
Not for ourselves, not for us

All of these times I've made a name
Only to find it's been replaced
Entropy can wear a man thin

And all the times I've made it there
Only to find that the empty air
Of my victory was just as grim

I don't believe truth is easy
It just makes more sense
Sometimes you just stumble through
Until it changes tense

But that is what makes it us,
Makes it something glorious
We were made for something great,
Something greater than ourselves
Something greater than this shell

And can it be
Wasn't always a curse

My need for something
Other than me
Is the beauty of my worth

Not just because I need You
But because You're all I need
Oh my God, You're all this weary sinner needs
You're the forest I could not see for the trees
Track Name: Rising
I don't know where I belong but I want to
I don't know where You come in
But I've been fighting these demons for so long

And my heart aches
From a quiet insignificance it seems
Why build it up if it will just break?
I get so tired of the in-between
Shattered hopes and broken dreams

But what if hope is simply rising
Like the moon on a cold winter's night
From behind the silhouette of a city
Fills the sky as your eyes fill with wonder
Oh I can't see but I still believe
Yea, I can't see but I still believe

Lift your head, shake yourself from the dust and arise
Grace upon grace gives you wings and bids you fly
Hope in God, O my soul, hope in God
Hope is rising all around you